Caitlyn Jenner Slams Backlash Over O.J. Simpson ‘Good Riddance’ Post

Caitlyn Jenner isn’t here for comparisons between O.J. Simpson’s murder trial and her fatal car crash. The former Olympian, 74, sounded off on the backlash over her controversial “good riddance” post following the news of Simpson’s death, after some followers thought she was being hypocritical. “I know you all think it’s cute to compare a fatal car accident (with multiple vehicles involved) to a BRUTAL MURDER,” she wrote in part. Jenner previously settled a wrongful death lawsuit filed on behalf of a woman who passed away in 2015 after her car was pushed into the pathway of an approaching Hummer when Jenner rear-ended her. The reality star wasn’t criminally charged in the accident and reached additional settlement agreements with other drivers involved.