Jon Bon Jovi Opens Up About Vocal Cord Surgery In New ‘Thank You, Good Night’ Hulu Docuseries

Bon Jovi is giving fans a new peek at the iconic band!

In “Thank You, Good Night: The Bon Jovi Story” Jon Bon Jovi goes on the record for the first time to celebrate 40 years of the iconic band, including its ups and downs.

In the four-part docuseries the 62-year-old showed a vulnerable side by sharing the deeply personal story of his vocal cord injury that resulted in a major surgery.

“Nobody expects that tragic injury to come your way. You know it’s up to your body to heal itself and do what you got to do to get back to the Super Bowl,” he told Access Hollywood exclusively at the American Cinematheque red carpet on April 10.

In the documentary fans also learn why Richie Sambora really left the group.

The four-part docuseries, “Thank You, Good Night: The Bon Jovi Story” starts streaming on Hulu on April 26.

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